Four game applications which will blow your mind

Creative game application development

If you are gaming freak like me and you are looking for applications which attracts you multiple of task and keeps you engage every day. Here they are four lovely gaming applications which will blow your mind. The game should be accurate with design and navigation system which support multiple platforms and operating system. Let’s start with gaming applications.

1). Dunking Monkey

Four game applications which will blow your mind

This is game is very interesting as I love to play whole day, the concept of the application is that gamer has to dunk the monkey in the bucket of water under the booth on which the monkey is sitting and to do so, the player is given three balls for attempt which he/she has to hit on target . The game has three levels which will get harder than the previous one and if you complete all the three levels, you get and bonus or you can say as an advantage, player can use custom image of a person from their phone gallery or by clicking a picture and replace monkey’s face and dunk him in water.

Isn’t it interesting? I have crossed all the levels of the game and I have replaced my brother’s image on monkey face and like to dunk him in water every day.

2.) Sheep Upkeep

Four game applications which will blow your mind

If you like smashing games and you love to smash this game is for you, the concept of the game is that a sheep comes from one end of the screen and runs towards other the end while the gamer has to smash it as soon as possible.  You have to be really very fast with focused on smashing. It is really an addiction for the gamer if it is child or an adult you cannot stop from smashing.

3.) Reaper Run

Four game applications which will blow your mind

In this game the player discovers that he is going to die very soon everything around is going to turn black and white. But suddenly you are awakened and you see that some has created               a special trip to return for you to gather your soul.  You find it’s really happening and have to do efforts for it. As you start the Grimm Reaper is there to mock you to death. You cannot fight, can’t go down all you have to do is run for your life. You can modify the character Reaper while evil is going to follow you till death.

This is really interesting game build in ios platform where you have to be focused and constantly gaming for it.

4.) Talking Rabbit

Four game applications which will blow your mind

This is really a cute game for kids, but I found elders are much more addicted to it with lovely features, talking rabbit that repeats what say in a funny voice, if you rub his tummy and he goes “mmm” as the rabbit likes it, while touching the nose rabbit “sneezes” just like a human and while touch the feet it creates sound like “ouch” and other feature like eating carrot and sleeping and many more are free and other animations are available within app- purchase.

This are some of the interesting games which you can install and play whole day and if you are looking to develop application similar to this or have a new idea for mobile game application to can ask the expert game developer who will help you to design and develop application in ios, android and all the mobile supporting operating system.


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